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Al Fakher cigarettes

Al Fakher corporation was founded in 1999 in United Arab Emirates. In short time it entered the international market and since then it enjoys a great success on it. Cheap Al Fakher Hookah Tobacco

Today Al Fakher is famous among people who love hookah smoking. It considered a premium brand of highest quality manufactured in Eastern Europe under control of Al Fakher corporation. In production are used carefully selected Virginia Molasses leaves along with finest European flavors.

Al Fakher represents a hookah tobacco for both beginners and experienced smokers. While smoking it helps you to relax and feel calm and free. It has so many varieties of tastes that everyone will certainly find one favorite for him. Try different flavors and choose one for you that inspires you the most and represents your personality more exactly.

Our online cigarette store offers a wide range of cheap Al Fakher Hookah Tobacco products:

Which one to choose? It would be nice to start your smoking experience with the Al Fakher Grape Flavour Hookah Tobacco as it has a long lasting taste and a great flavor of grapes. Al Fakher Strawberry Flavour Hookah Tobacco is also a great choice because it has a rich and original aroma of wonderful strawberries.

The premium quality of Al Fakher is recognized by all smokers in the entire world. Check out dotcigarettes.com and discover a large variety of Al Fakher Hookah Tobacco. Buy cheap hookah tobacco and have many wonderful smoking moments.