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  • Avalon Full Flavor

    • 1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes
    • listed price per carton
    • $14.29
    • $17.86

Avalon cigarettes

Avalon is a first class tobacco brand on modern cigarette market. The brand presented in our online cigarette store is manufactured by IM International Tobacco SRL.

Avalon cigarettes are made from tobacco sorts of Virginia and Burley types imported from different countries and roasted in a particular way which makes flavor so special in comparison with other cigarettes.

They are being sold for many years and already have won a good reputation on the local and international tobacco markets. Avalon Cigarettes Cheap Avalon cigarettes come only in one style called Avalon Full Flavor presented on our online cigarettes store. Each cigarette has 85 mm length and 7mm diameter. They are equipped with modern filters that prevent entering of harmful chemicals from tobacco smoke into the lungs.

The package design is stylish with red and dark red colors which give Avalon brand a particular elegance. The tobacco base is processed with the addition of reconstituted tobacco to make aroma and flavor more intense and rich. After that the tobacco is mixed with natural ingridients that provide a very special taste.

Thus at a resonable price you get a high quality tobacco with pure, smooth and long-lasting taste. appreciatied by smokers from around the world. Smokers who tried Avalon cigarettes noted the rich flavor of these cigarettes, their pleasant smoke and attractively low price. Save your time and your money! Buy today cheap Avalon cigarettes in our online cigarette store!