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Bond cigarettes

Bond is a successful cigarette brand on the international tobacco market. The name of this brand comes from Bond Street in London. Bond is a well-known cigarettes brand in the world. Bond cigarettes

It is sold in more than 50 countries in Europe, North and South America. The brand belongs to the middle-class category of cigarettes which makes it affordable for every smoker. Each Bond cigarette is a production of a perfect quality.

What makes it so popular among smokers in the entire world is a pleasant aroma at a low price in comparison with other cigarette brands. Smokers say the main characteristics that makes this brand so special are the lowest nicotine and tar levels and its high-quality ingredients.

Smoking lovers do associate this cigarette brand with famous James Bond who is a heavy smoker. These cigarettes have English roots, just like the movie character. Bond cigarettes are the symbol of elegance, creating the image of a real Englishman.

Bond has a large selection of varieties for any smoker. On our online cigarette store you may find different kinds of Bond cigarettes:

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