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Chesterfield cigarettes

Chesterfield cigarettes are manufactured in Eastern Europe under the license and control of Philip Morris. This famous cigarettes brand has a great history.

The brand was first introduced in 1873 by the Drummond Tobacco Company,
Chesterfield cigarettes The name of this brand comes from Chesterfield Country found in state of Virginia in the USA. In the 20th century, Chesterfield was most recognized brand in the world and was among the top selling brands in the USA. They were the best cigarettes and they are best even now!

Chesterfield cigarettes do combine all the best things that a cigarette must have: an exceptional aroma, high quality tobacco and unique taste.

Chesterfield is a mixture of the world’s excellent sorts of tobacco and that is why it is highly appreciated by smokers from around the world. Due to their mild taste and smooth flow, Chesterfield cigarettes are perfect for both the beginners and experienced smokers.

Our online cigarette store offers three varieties of Chesterfield cigarettes:

Choose your favorite taste and try Chesterfield cigarettes to make your own conclusion about this famous brand. Buy Chesterfield cigarettes at dotcigarettes.com at a very affordable price and you will get pleasure from this smoking experience! Chesterfield is a right cigarette for long lasting pleasure. Buy cigarettes at dotcigarettes.com and enjoy our service.