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China Grove Town to Adopt a Smoking Ban

November 3rd, 2015 00:00

On its recent Tuesday meeting, the Council of China Grove Town, North Carolina, took a decision to prohibit smoking in all parks and buildings owned by the town.

Last time the proposal of smoking ban was discussed in 2014 and now appeared again on the Council’s agenda, normally used for subjects with unanimous agreement. The proposed ban will cover all kinds of tobacco products. However, in the ban are not included electronic cigarettes or vapes, devices which use flavoured liquids for smoking rather than tobacco.

In the course of Council Meeting at the beginning of 2014, some members told that the implementation of smoking ban in such public places as parks may meet some difficulties. On that meeting City Mayor Don Bringle said that the proposed law seems to be confrontational. Lee Withers, who temporarily assumed the responsibilities of Mayor at the time, proposed to create designated areas for smokers in public spaces where smoking ban is going to be implemented.

According to the ordinance, smoking to be banned in “any local government-owned building or park owned, leased, occupied, or operated by the Town of China Grove.” The ordinance says that people caught smoking cigarettes in prohibited areas, would be subjected to a fine up to $50. Besides the fine there will be no other penalties.

There will be installed no-smoking signs at visible places behind entrances to town buildings and parks.

Not long ago similar smoking bans were adopted by other municipalities in Rowan County. The talk is about Salisbury, Granite Quarry, and Rockwell.

In 2010 there was made a survey which found that 79% people in Rowan County are non-smokers and 73% of people support the idea of smoke-free kids playgrounds. State law adopted in 2009 allows local governments to adopt smoking bans on local level.

Health experts explain that smoking ban will help to protect people from secondhand smoke exposure in public spaces, expecially kids.