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New Law in Florida May Increase Cigarette Prices

January 21st, 2014 00:00
New Law in Florida May Increase Cigarette Prices

In Florida there was proposed a law that will increase in state taxes on cigarettes by $1 per package. The main goal of the law is to promote healthy lifestyle among state rezidents and prevent young people from starting to smoke at early age.

It was estimated that state of Florida would benefit from $800 million from cigarettes tax increase. From the increase would benefit all Floridians because there would be reduced such vehicle fees like license plates and registration.

Representative Jim Waldman, the author of the law, told that its main aim is to change smoker’s and non-smoker’s behavior. It is expected that high cigarettes prices would make smokers refuse from cigarettes. Also in 2009 Waldman sponsored a law that increased cigarette taxes by $1 per pack which resulted in reduction of cigarettes sales by 27%.

Non-smoker Glee Stinnett supports entirely the law saying that it is a good idea to introduce it because such a law would help to prevent people from smoking.

Louise Ring, who is manager at Cape Smoke Shop, told that 2009 cigarette tax increase affected business because high prices on cigarettes made people turn to cheap cigarettes brands such as Doina or quit. He does not support the new intitiative saying it is unfair to gain revenue to state budget by means of cigarettes. Higher prices on cigarettes would affect business, so Ring hopes new law would not be adopted.

As to smokers, thay say that increase of cigarettes prices would not make them quit. Those quit who really want it and those who don’t want it do not do it. In case legislature becomes law, it would come into action on July 1.