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USA Reports Smoking Rates Decline

November 19th, 2015 00:00

Latest data by the government statistics shows that from the beginning of the year there was reported that in the USA less than 15% adult people use cigarettes.

Besides this, one more report released recently reveals that 16.8% of adult people were smoking in 2014 and figures of today show a decline in smoking rates. This survey for the first time was made in 1997 and since then the lowest smoking rate reported is 14.9%, with 24.7% adult smokers.

The report on smoking rates is made by the National Health Interview Survey. It was released Tuesday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics. The report reveals data on smoking prevalence in the USA between January and June current year.

According to data, between 1997 and 2004 there was a steady decline in smoking rates, after which there was a stagnant period until 2009. Then figures show that the rates began to drop again from 2009 when FDA received the authority to regulate tobacco. First thing on the agenda of the regulation was an increase of taxes on tobacco.

A important contribution in smoking rates decline was made by a graphic anti-smoking campaign launched in 2012 by CDC. Studies show that such campaigns along with smoking bans and tobacco taxes increase are effective in reduction of smoking rates.

Experts say that the latest data is encouraging and consider that more efforts should be put into fight with smoking, because still there are 40 million smokers in the country. The report shows that most smokers are males. In the age groups smoking is prevalent among young people who are more likely to start the habit than those aged 65 and above. In the race categories, more black and white non-Hispanics are smokers.

It may be said for sure that most current smokers (80%) began to use cigarettes as teenagers. Health experts are worried about growing popularity of e-cigarettes among teens. Those devices are not regulated by FDA and effects of their use are not studied yet.

Health officials aim to reduce smoking rates in the USA to 12% by 2020.