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Cigaronne cigarettes

Cigaronne is a successful premium cigarette brand produced by SPS Cigaronne Co Ltd, a relatively young Armenian tobacco company which appeared in 1999 on the market.

The company uses modern technologies in cigarettes production and here is engaged qualified staff. Though Cigaronne cigarettes brand is a young one on tobacco market, it managed to create a number of products that became popular among smokers.

Cigaronne cigarettes

Cigaronne brand combines two brilliant characteristics — modern design of package and superb quality of tobacco. The blend of Cigaronne cigarettes is made of finely roasted Virginia tobacco sorts, which give to each cigarette an intense flavor and excellent smoke.

Cigaronne cigarettes have an efficient coconut shell filter and besides this, there is used an advanced filter holder technology exclusively for this brand.

The manufacturer claims that to create this exclusive brand of premium cigarettes three major concepts were taken into consideration: highest quality, comfort for smokers, and meeting the requirements of hygiene. When smokers are asked what they like in these cigarettes, they note their mild aroma and unusual vanilla taste.

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