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Donskoy tabak cigarettes

Donskoy tabak is a cheap cigarette brand manufactured by a largest Russian tobacco company bearing the same name. The tobacco factory is located in Russia, in Rostov-on-Don city.

Donskoy Tabak cigarettes

Donskoy tabak production corresponds to international standards of quality and is exported to 11 countries outside Russia such as Ucraine, Moldova, Czech Republic.

The manufacturers do keep a watchful eye on their customer preferences and tobacco market trends. In production of Donskoy tabak cigarettes are used modern technologies and proper developments. A special attention is paid to production with low contents of tar and nicotine.

Secrets of excellent taste of Donskoy tabak cigarettes are hidden in origonal tobacco blend which consists of 14 sorts of natural tobacco. The original cigarettes are characterized with an inimitable taste with a subtle notes of chocolate and plums.

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