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Eva cigarettes

 Eva cigarettes

Eva cigarettes are manufactured in Eastern Europe under the license of Bulgartabac Holding Group, one of biggest tobacco companies in Europe that uses latest advanced technologies along with best tobacco sorts and high control over production quality.

Eva cigarettes have the lowest tar and nicotine level makes them favorite female brand in slims cigarette class.

The lowest nicotine level in these cigarettes are perfect for beginners and tender ladies. The apple on the package on the spot of “V” letter of Eva word symbolizes something delicious and secret that makes your life more beautiful.

Highest quality of Basma and Kabakoulak tobaccos, modern cigarette filters, delicate aroma and flavor of Eva cigarettes do trigger positive emotions in a smoker making his life full of positive moments. Eva cigarettes are a perfect part of each woman’s style. Ladies who choose to smoke Eva cigarettes appear more attractive, elegant and stylish.

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