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  • Fluieraş

    • 1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes
    • listed price per carton
    • $20.53
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Fluieraş cigarettes

Fluieras is a cigarettes brand produced by Tutun-CTC, a largest Moldavian tobacco company. It was launched on Moldovan tobacco market almost 30 years ago, Fluieras cigarettes are a perfect choice for smokers who want a cheap tobacco product of high quality and pleasant flavor. Due to these characteristics Fluieras cigarettes became popular not on the local Moldavian market but also on the international one.

Fluieras cigarettes

What is hidden in the brand name? Fluieras is a Moldavian national musical instrument that is a member of the woodwind family. The sounds that are coming out the fluieras are magic.

For nearly two decades, Fluieras was not affected by any changes in both tobacco formula and design of package before the manufacturer decided to modify the brand. The company in cooperation with several European tobacco companies began to renovate the brand. First, they modified the process of tobacco production and added Burley tobacco to make Fluieras flavor more original and rich.

Also they added such aromatizing agents as honey and cinnamon to give the cigarettes a spicy note. Besides this, these cheap cigarettes were equipped with a modern filter system. Thus today Fluieras corresponds to the international standards of quality.

The aromatic flavor of Fluieras presents the mixture of different sorts of high quality tobacco. Smoking these cheap cigarettes helps you to relax and feel like you are lying on a green field surrounded by beautiful nature.

Fluieras cigarettes brand comes in a single variety which helps it hold a firm position at tobacco market and have a great number of devoted customers who appreciate this brand. Modern red design of the package and low price will certainly attract your attention and you will hardly resist the temptation to try Fluieras cigarettes. Buy cigarettes in our online cigarettes store right now and enjoy wonderful smoking moments!