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Gauloises cigarettes

Gauloises is a French cigarettes brand manufactured in Eastern Europe under control of Altadis. The word Gauloises means “Gallic” and on cigarettes package you may see helmet of a medieval Gallic fighter.

Gauloises cigarettes

Gauloises is a famous brand name well-known for high quality tobacco with pleasant and unusual smell. Gauloises cigarettes history starts in 1910 and at the beginning the brand was famous for usage in their production dark varieties of tobacco from Turkey and Syria which gave its cigarettes a strong and distinctive aroma and taste, but in several years this blend was modified. Today they use American blend with its light tobacco and smokers enjoy the real taste of Gauloises cigarettes.

The Gauloises brand slogan is “Liberté toujours” that is translated from French as “Freedom forever”. The elightful taste and original aroma of these cheap cigarettes is worth trying. In our online cigarettes store are available next varieties of this brand:

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