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Kiss cigarettes

Kiss cigarettes are made in Eastern Europe by British Innovation Tobacco Company with the usage of best sorts of Barley and Virginia tobaccos. When Kiss cigarette brand entered the tobacco market they had a great success and today it is one of top selling tobacco brands in the superslim category.

Kiss cigarettes

Kiss superslims cigarettes brand is made for romantic and tender women who prefer original things. These cigarettes accentuate individuality and femininity of each woman who smokes them.

Kiss cigarettes have an excellent flavor, a stylish package and attractively low price. The unique blend provides a great smoking experience to women who love new fine tastes.

The secret of Kiss cigarettes is hidden in high quality of tobacco provided by best selection of tobacco leaves grown in Brazil, Greece, Argentina. Soft smoke gives a long, pleasant and unforgettable sensation. Fruit and menthol components add an unusual flavor to these cheap cigarettes and never leave tobacco smoke on clothes and skin after smoking.

The manufacturer uses a unique technology of tobacco flavoring which gives Kiss cigarettes a fascinating fruit flavor and while smoking you feel like you smoke a fruit-flavored hookah. Many women choose Kiss cigarettes brand because it perfectly reflects their inner world, wishes and desires and certainly their femininity.

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