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  • Leana Non-Filter

    • 1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes
    • listed price per carton
    • $11.96
    • $14.95

Leana cigarettes

Leana cigarettes

Leana cigarettes are manufactured by Tutun-CTC, a valuable Moldavian tobacco company famous for production of hiigh-quality cheap cigarettes. This company uses first class tobacco to make Leana cigarettes most desiring and selling brand among non-filter brands. Leana cigarettes are made only in one variation that is Leana Non-filter.

Yellow color on the box symbolizes happiness, wisdom and joy. This is a favorite color of intelligent people.

Although filtered cigarettes which provide a smoother smoking experience are preferred by most smokers, still there are many smokers who are loyal to good old non-filtered cigarettes as they allow them to feel the original taste of natural tobacco, not spoiled by various additives.

It is quite difficult to find quality non-filtered cigarettes with an intense tobacco aroma, so Dotcigarettes.com is glad to offer you a quality cheap non-filtered Leana brand, that is probably the best among non-filtered cigarettes on the market.

The superior quality of Leana cigarettes is achieved with the usage of fine sorts of tobaccos grown in Moldova and Turkey. The original tobacco blend of Leana cigarettes provides an amazingly rich taste and bracing flavor. Buy cigarettes in our online cigarette store at most affordable price over the Internet.