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Lucky Strike cigarettes

Lucky Strike cigarettes are produced in Eastern Europe under the license and control of American Tobacco Company which introduced them in 1916. Today Lucky Strike is most popular brand of American cigarettes and it is often called “Luckies”.

Lucky Strike cigarettes

The name of Lucky Strike comes from the “gold rush” times in the USA, when discovering gold was considered a lucky strike. The manufacturer thought if they could associate striking gold with finding a good cigarettes brand, they would increase its appeal to the primary cigarettes consumers.

Lucky Strike cigarette brand has a pleasant taste and a stylish design of package. In 1917 the brand introduced a message on its package “L.S.M.F.T.” which stands for “Lucky Strike means fine tobacco”. In the same year the Lucky Strike brand started using a new motto “It’s Toasted”, which referred to the new advanced method used for production. Instead of being sun-dried like other tobacco products Lucky Strike cigarettes were toasted which gave them a stronger and better taste.

Since the brand was introduced, the company managed to improve the quality of their product and develop it along with the progress of science. Due to this, today cigarette lovers from around the world have got a wonderful possibility of enjoying the famous Lucky Strike original aroma and delicious taste. When you buy cheap Lucky Strike online, you come closer to the legend in the tobacco world.

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