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  • Nistru Non-Filter

    • 1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes
    • listed price per carton
    • $11.96
    • $14.95

Nistru cigarettes

Nistru non-filter cigarettes are produced by Tutun-CTC. Today it is a well known brand not only in Moldova and in other Eastern European countries. Nistru is a river in Eastern Europe which runs through Ukraine and Moldova and finally flows into the Black Sea.

Nistru Non-Filter cigarettes

Tutun-CTC is known for its quality tobacco products such as Doina, Astra, Zimbru. Nistru is one of most appreciated brands among non-filters on national and international tobacco markets.

Nistru non-filter cigarettes consist of Oriental blend, which gives them a spicy taste and marvelous aroma of pure tobacco. It is definitely worth trying! These 70-mm-long cigarettes are packed in soft boxes with an image of a boat sailing on the sea.

Nistru non-filter are cheap cigarettes and are best choice for those who love to feel a strong taste and beautiful aroma of pure tobacco. As you know, the best tobacco product is the one which is original. Nistru non-filter cigarettes brand is perfect for smokers who prefer strong taste without any additives.

Its low price shows that any smoker can afford himself to buy these cheap cigarettes. Our online cigarette store is always open for you. If you are ready with your choice, then place an order and soon you will enjoy the real taste of Nistru cigarettes.