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  • Orbita

    • 1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes
    • listed price per carton
    • $11.42
    • $14.27

Orbita cigarettes

Orbita cigarettes

Orbita is a well-known brand manufactured by the largest East European tobacco company, Tutun-CTC, located in Moldova. The company won numerous awards and prizes for highest quality of its products and is very popular on Eastern Europe and Middle East tobacco markets.

Orbita is a Russian word, which means orbit. The manufacturer have chosen this word for new cigarette brand to denote mystery, special taste and the originality of Orbita cigarettes. Plain white package reflects it perfectly.

In the production of these cheap cigaretts is used traditional tobacco blending technique when several sorts of Oriental tobacco are mixed. These are tobacco sorts imported from Turkey, Italy, Spain and Bulgaria.

Besides this, in production is used an advanced technique of using fozy tobacco parts and adding them to the tobacco blend, which helps to reduce the amount of toxic elements in the cigarettes and gives them a more intense and pure tobacco taste.

Orbita cigarettes come in one variety that is available in our online cigarette store. They are created mostly for experienced smokers who prefer strong aroma of tobacco because they do have a filter and possess higher nicotine level,

These cheap cigarettes do attract with their mysterious brand name curious smokers. From the first inhalation Orbita cigarettes you will feel independence, confidence and strength. Buy cigarettes online at dotcigarettes.com to realize what means a real perfection.