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Parliament cigarettes

Parliament cigarettes are manufactured in Eastern Europe under the license and control of Philip Morris company. They were launched on tobacco market in 1931 and this tobacco product was different from other brands with its recessed paper filters. In 1940s the manufacturer started using new filter system, which they promoted with ads saying “Tobacco tastes best when the filter’s recessed” and “Only the flavor touches your lips”.

Parliament cigarettes

Unlike ordinary filters, the new filters prevented tar from contact with smoker’s mouth. The Parliament brand holds a firm position on the market in the United States, South America, Asia, Europe.

Parliament is a premium cigarettes brand found among most wanted brands on the tobacco markets today..They are made of high quality tobacco and thus have a very special flavor. Parliament brand does not need any additional advertisment because each smoker who ever tried it knows how original they are and love their great taste which satisfys their smoking needs.

Best tobacco sorts were used in production of this premium brand of cigarettes. With the first inhalation you will feel relaxed and cool. Parliament cigarettes brand is one of the best-selling brands along with Winston.

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