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  • Plai

    • 1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes
    • listed price per carton
    • $12.55
    • $15.69

Plai cigarettes

Plai is a cigarette brand produced in Moldova by Tutun-CTC, a well-known tobacco company in Eastern Europe which won worldwide fame for making high quality tobacco products. The company took numerous prizes and awards on international exhibitions and enjoys of perfect reputation among customers.

Plai cigarettes

Plai cigarettes do symbolize patriotism and great love for native land because the word “plai” is translated from Romanian as “mother country”. Probably there is no man on the planet who does not feel love and devotion towards his mother country, especially when he is far from it.

These cigarettes with patriotic name are extremely popular not among Moldavian smokers but among smokers from other countries who love to feel taste of natural tobacco.

Plai cigarettes are produced from various tobacco sorts grown on local fields and mixed with tobaccos imported from European Countries. The package of these cheap cigarettes is plain with white background, dark blue vertical stripes on it and brand name in center.

The unique blend of elite sorts of tobacco gives to Plai cigarettes an amazing taste and captivating smoke. These are strong cigarettes that come in one variety which is highly appreciated by experienced smokers.

Every pull of these cheap cigarettes will make you feel comfortable and relaxed like you do in your homeland. If you taste them once, you will not be able to change them for other cigarettes brand.

Plai cigarettes are the best choice for experienced smokers who appreciate taste of intense tobacco at lowest price. Buy cigarettes in our online cigarette store and enjoy the big assortment of quality products at best prices.