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Plugarul cigarettes

Plugarul cigarettes

Plugarul cigarettes are characterized by strong taste and pleasant smoke provided by tobacco sorts of highest quality. The manufacturer of these cheap cigarettes is Tutun-CTC famous in the entire world for its high quality products such as Doina, Temp, Fluieras, Marengo.

Tutun-CTC is highly appreciated on the international exhibitions where it won numerous awards for its great quality products.

Cigarettes made by the company do correspond to European Standards of quality and it means that all its production has credibility.

Plugarul is a Romanian word which may be translated as plowman and makes reference to hard working people from rural areas who are strong, resilient, persevering and at the same time corky. They live in houses, get up early and work whole day and never lose their faith in tomorrow.

The box of Plugarul cigarettes is made in two colors: white on the lower side and dark blue on the upper side. On the center is placed the name of the brand.

Plugarul is a decent representative of non-filter cigarettes which allows real smokers feel strong and intense aroma of tobacco. Its blend is of Oriental type and it provides a rich and orginal taste that you will never forget.

Plugarul cigarettes are easy to smoke and they will be appreciated not only by experienced smokers but also by the beginners who like to experiment with tobacco and want to try natural tobacco smokes. However, the brand is motsly preferred by male smokers than female ones as it is not mild.

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