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Red & White cigarettes

Red & White is a very successful and popular cigarette brand created by Philip Morris tobacco company that is well known in the entire world. In our online cigarette store we offer Red & White cigarettes produced in Eastern Europe under control of Philip Morris tobacco company .

Red & White cigarettes

Red & White cigarettes symbolize contrasts: on the one hand there is red which makes reference to passion, power and desire; on the other hand there is white with its purity, peace and appeasement.

Though Red & White is a relatively young brand, in short time it managed to conquer a large number of devotees throughout the world. Its main characteristics is unique quality which differs Philip Morris brands from others. If you prefer to spend less money on tobacco and get a quality product with original taste then you should buy Red & White cigarettes.

Virginia and Burley tobacco sorts do give their classic flavor to these cheap cigarettes, and special igredients do add their unusual notes. Red & White cigarettes contain special filter that refines aroma, making it milder and transforming smoking process into a wonderful pleasure and real adventure.

Red & White cigarettes are made in different varieties in order to satisfy different smoking needs. Women who give their preference to delicate smoking would like superslims versions:

If red and white colors are your favorite then Red & White cigarettes are the best choice for you. Buy cigarettes at low price in our online cigarette store and benefit from our excellent service.