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Rich cigarettes

Rich cigarettes

Rich cigarettes choose charismatic and strong minded people who never give up. The brand is manufatured in Eastern Europe under the license of Richmond Tobacco Co and became popular in many countries of the world.

Rich cigarettes have a strong and rich taste, so picky smokers who love taste of real tobacco would appreciate it and make these cigarettes their favorite brand.

Package design with its dark colors reflects elegance, style and mystery. Cigarettes themselves are not common white as most of cigarettes but are made of brown paper and this gives them a nice originality.

It is a delightful pleasure to smoke Rich cigarettes because their fine aroma, great flavor and perfect tobacco of highest quality attracts you and you cannot resist.

There are two excellent varieties of cheap Rich cigarettes available in our online cigarette store:

In the blend are used more than 18 types of premium tobacco sorts such as Virginia, Burley and Cavendish. Each sort has a unique flavor and mixed together they create a pleasant and very original taste.

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