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  • Richmond Cherry

    • 1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes
    • listed price per carton
    • $27.82
    • $34.78

Richmond cigarettes

Richmond cigarettes

Richmond cigarettes do perfectly reflect true English spirit and character. Englishmen love luxury, wealth, beautiful objects which emphasize their material status.

These are premium cigarettes of highest quality created by Imperial Tobacco Group plc and are made in Eastern Europe under control of this tobacco company.

Richmond cigarette is one of top-selling cigarette brands in the United Kingdom. These premium cigarettes are produced from natural tobacco of highest quality with addition of natural aromatizing agents.

Elite tobacco sorts used in the blend give a sweet aroma and original taste which will conquer most picky smokers who give their preferences only to premium cigarettes.

Richmond brand is represented in our online cigarette store by next varieties:

The sweet flavor of cherry will immediately get you back to your happy and dizzy childhood with its cherry lollipops and fruit bubble gums. Richmond do differ from other cigarettes with nice pack design that you will recognize at once. Golden color of Gold version makes reference to royal luxury. Smoking these premium cigarettes will make you feel power.

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