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  • Saint George

    • 1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes
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    • $11.95
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Saint George cigarettes

Saint George cigarettes are made in Eastern Europe under the license of Gallaher Group with the chief office in England. The brand appeared recently on the market and it managed to win a good reputation among large number of smokers who appreciate this brand for its high quality and low price.

Saint George cigarettes

The brand name Saint George makes reference to an old legend which says that a brave soldier George in times of Roman Empire wanted to save the whole mankind. Saint George is a symbol of bravery, heroism and manhood. In the United Kingdom Saint George became a cult, that is why the manufacturer have chosen this name for the brand.

On the packages you may see shield and sword — major symbols of courage. It does not matter who you are and in what country you live, you should be confident and believe in yourself to win.

As everything made in England, Saint George cigarettes are made from first class tobacco sorts and thus posesses a strong and rich flavor and original smoke. It is true Englidh quality tobacco product.

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