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Virginia cigarettes

Virginia cigarettes

Virginia cigarettes are produced in Eastern Europe under license and control of Philip Morris Company. These premium cigarettes are targeted to tender ladies who love delicate smoking. Virginia is a long expected cigarettes brand which was launched with a specific message “You came a long way, dear”.

The brand symbolizes innocence, tenderness, gentleness and purity. Women from around the world choose namely this premium cigarettes brand because of its high quality and mild smoke. It perfectly accomplishes each woman’s style making it unusual and irresistible.

Virginia cigarettes have a nice shape, pleasant taste and excellent aroma. These are mild cigarettes which provide smooth smoking. You will feel unforgettable sensations and wonderful emotions. You may be sure that Virginia cigarettes are produced from pure tobacco, without additives.

Virginia Superslims cigarettes have a nice package design with dominating white color. Depending on the variety you may see colorful stripes running vertically through the box. This premium cigarette brand was produced to be close to every single lady.

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