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  • Zimbru

    • 1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes
    • listed price per carton
    • $11.42
    • $14.27

Zimbru cigarettes

Zimbru cigarettes

Zimbru cigarettes are created by Tutun-CTC, a well-known tobacco manufacturing company from Moldova which produces such successful brands as Temp, Doina, Astra.

Zimbru is translated from Romanian as aurochs. This is a strong and powerful animal who may easily win any weak specy. Zimbru is a symbol of Moldova which you meet first in old legends. Today the name of Zimbru bears Moldavian national football club and stadium in Chisinau. You may admire this grand animal on packs of Zimbru cigarettes.

After making first puff of Zimbru cigarettes you will feel a perfect and original aroma that fascinates at once. Light up these cheap cigarettes and discover new sensations of natural and pure tobacco taste without aromatic aaditives. These are cheap cigarettes and smokers choose them because they get a high quality product with an amazingly intense flavor at low price.

Zimbru cigarettes are a unique blend of more than 20 sorts of carefully selected high quality tobacco sorts. The original tobacco formula is in no comparison with other cigarette products available in our online cigarette store.

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